Hand Wash Station

Hand wash stations are just one of the things you can rent from us to help you meet your cleanliness needs. Hand wash stands are an important part of keeping places clean and stopping the spread of germs and diseases.

In this piece, we’ll talk about what a hand wash station is, the different kinds, their features, and why renting one might be a good idea.

A hand wash station is a portable machine made to allow people to wash their hands in places where there are no sinks or running water. They are often used at outdoor events, construction sites, places where food is served, and during disaster aid.

People can wash their hands with soap and water at hand wash stations, which is one of the best ways to stop the spread of germs.

Different Kinds of Portable Hand Wash Stations

There are different kinds of hand wash stations, and each has its own benefits and features. Most of them look like:

Single Basin Hand Wash Station — This type of hand wash station has one basin for washing hands and is great for smaller events or building sites.

Double Basin Hand Wash Station — A double basin hand wash station is great for bigger events or building sites where more people need to wash their hands.

Hands-Free Hand Wash Station — A foot pump is used to get water out of a hands-free hand wash station, making it a cleaner choice.

What a Hand Wash Station Has

Our hand wash stations have a number of features that make it easy and handy to wash your hands, such as:

Soap Dispenser: Each hand wash stand has a soap dispenser so that people can wash their hands.

Water Tank: The hand wash station has a water tank that can hold between 20 and 60 gallons of water, based on how big the unit is.

Towel Dispenser: Each unit comes with a towel dispenser so that you can dry your hands after you wash them.

Waste Tank: Each hand-washing station has a waste tank to hold used water and soap, making it easy to get rid of the waste.

Why it’s a Good Idea to Rent a Hand Wash Station

There are many reasons to rent a hand-washing station, such as:

  • Hygiene: Hand wash stands help people keep their hands clean and stop the spread of germs and diseases.
  • Hand washing stations are portable and easy to move, which makes them a good choice for events or building sites.
  • Compliance: Health and safety rules say that hand washing stations must be provided at a lot of events and construction sites.
  • Cost-effective: Renting a hand-washing station is cheaper than building fixed hand-washing facilities.

Why You Might Want to Rent a Hand Wash Station

Renting a hand wash station is a great idea if you need temporary places to wash your hands for an outdoor event, a building site, or for any other reason. Renting a hand wash station is also a must if you want to follow health and safety rules and make sure your employees and guests are clean.


In general, hand-washing machines are an important way to keep things clean and stop the spread of germs and disease. Lafayette Porta Potty has a variety of hand wash stations with features like soap dispensers, water tanks, towel dispensers, and waste tanks.

These stations are a handy and cost-effective way to set up temporary hand washing facilities. Renting a hand-washing station is great for outdoor events, building sites, disaster relief efforts, and any other place where there is no running water or sinks.

Contact us today to find out more about our hand wash station rental choices and how we can help you meet your hygiene needs.